Friday, April 19, 2013


This was my final for my Film Noir class, we had to produce something inspired by any of the films of the genre that we've seen, so I combined elements from "Touch of Evil"(1958), "Point Blank" (1967), and "Double Indemnity" (1944).  Side note: my personal favorite is "The Big Heat" (1953) by Fritz Lang.


Jack The Lion

Roaring his last
Yes, I am aware that this is a literal interpretation of the song.

Vicky's Christmas

I didn't get a chance to post this in december (i was drowning in my thesis at the time) but here it is anyway. 

Vicky Character Designs

The original character designs from my thesis film: "Vicky"

More Sketches

Defying Gravity!

I actually did this one afternoon in Italy while taking a break from working on thesis. 

The Last Child

I did this a little while ago to experiment with an idea for a story that was in the running for a possible thesis project. I still reeeeeally wanna do something with this.

Sketches through time

I've posted these drawings in other places before, but i like them enough to put them in the new blog so here are a bunch of paintings and sketches I did last year.

Sketches Galore

I did these sketches when I was in Italy over the summer. Spent most of my time after dinner doodling family members,

These were done from the Amalfi Coast while on the way to a beach. We saw this large castle like building that was converted into a house, overlooking the beach. Location, Location, Location.

Compilation of a bunch of portrait sketches, mainly done while commuting.


Drew these sketches while at the US Air show in Long Island

These are character designs i did for class last year

Life Drawings 2012

Here are Life Drawings I did last year in one of my classes